VPC4 Round 5:

Nerdcore Gone Wild

Can I _______?

XoC & The Dirty Sample

Here We Go Again (ft RoyceBIRTH, Sadie Marquis, Geneva)

Brandon - 7.25

Dig the jazzy, R&B vibe of this one. Rap is mostly solid. The chorus vocals are nice, but a bit flat and a little off beat here and there. Feel like the song could use a bit more development instrumentally as well; additional layers and such. Enjoyable, but needs more work to be really "finished".

Desh -8.5

Sadie Marquis though.....fire. Strong song overall. Intense emotions! Everyone delivered here. This beat wasn't my favorite. Fortunately, I'm mostly weighing on vocal performance, and these verses were well delivered. Hook is solid as well, though it could be a bit stronger pitch-wise. -1 for no lyrics. Goes hard, but not quite as hard as the Krunktaku track.

Richie - 8

This is dope! That hook is incredible... very ecclectic. Digging the simplicity of the beat, it lays the perfect foundation for the song's vibe. Is it Krunktaku-tier? Very close.

Whitney - 8

It's so nice to hear some newness from Xoc. I have a love for that man that is probably only exceeded by my love for 1-up. This review, is admittedly, incredibly biased.
Sadie Marquis' verse is so fresh. It walks a fine line between bars and poetry. The fire is so hot the first thing I did after hearing this was go look up what else she's done, and I was not disappointed.
Mega coherent track, love the flow, the verses, and everyone's vocals and styles work well together. My only criticism is that the very tail end of the track feels overly drawn out and a little bare. I'm not sure what needs adding, I probably would have been cool with it ending 20 seconds earlier.

Public Vote - 7

Total Score - 38.75/50

Round 5 Standing - 10th

Overall Score - 38.75/250

Overall Standing - 26th


Tribute (ft. Angry Crow, Ardamus, Nameless, JC)

Brandon - 2.5

Comments: Another altogether messy track by Flying Fortress (considerable production/mixing problems, flow issues in most of the verses, way too repetitive of a beat for a 6+ min track wtf).
Also, what the flying fucktress is up with those oddly autotuned vocal bits randomly jabbed in here and there for no good god damn reason? I hate them. Don't do that. It's really fucking bad, m'kay?
"Chip my teeth on chiptune, spit out 8 bits" is a solid line, though, I'll give you that. hahaha .5 for that alone.

Desh -8

Fun track overall. Verses sound robotic, forced, not flowing (except Ardamus. He killed it) Goes hard, but not quite as hard as the Krunktaku track.

Richie - 7

Hunger games sample, I dig that. Rocky speech sample? Great minds think alike! The verses in this are dope. Song could use a better mix. Is it Krunktaku-tier? Not yet.

Thomas - 5.5

Yeah, it’s epic and all that, but there is no need for this posse cut to be as long as it is. I was digging it up until the Rocky sample at the 3 minute mark; it should have gone right into whoever the rapper is that follows instead. And everything after 4:20 (including the rapper) should be cut. A much better mix could also make this a much better song.
At the same time, aside from the Rocky sample (which is at least good for a laugh because of the use of that sample by two different teams), the first 4:20 of the song is kind of cool. I dig the hook. Some of the rappers could be tighter—and a few rely a bit too much on vocal effects—but the epic beat is a great crutch. Flaws and all, “Tribute” reminded me of some early sons from The Shapeshifters.

Public Vote - 6.5

Total Score - 29.5/50

Round 5 Standing - 14th

Overall Score - 123.75/250

Overall Standing - 15th


SWAPAGANDA (ft. Jollimus Prime)

Brandon - 5

Rap is mostly solid, lyrics made me smirk at their cleverness in several spots, but the beat is way too damn repetitive and the production needs quite a bit of work for it to really sound "finished".

Desh -8.75

Press B is going in! Beat is rough. Strong vocal performances though! Goes hard, but not quite as hard as the Krunktaku track.

Richie - 7

8-bit beat is interesting but the verses are the strongest part of this song. Love everyone's flow. Is it Krunktaku-tier? Not quite.

Thomas - 7.5

Easily the best song this duo have submitted in all five rounds. The mix is good. The beat is simple, but it’s tough and has some nice change-ups throughout. Both rappers sound good on the track, and sound good together. I also like that it’s short. In and out, don’t wear out your welcome. The last little bit of rapping was the only part that sounded a bit off.
Anyway, more of this, boys!

Public Vote - 7.75

Total Score - 36/50

Round 5 Standing - 12th

Overall Score - 95.25/250

Overall Standing - 18th


10.12.1492 (ft. D&D Sluggers, Shane Hall, Ryan Buell and the Savagettes)

Brandon - 10

Comments: WHOA DAMN. This is timely and appropriately unsettling af. Music suits the heavy lyrical content with its exceptionally used dissonance. Length is 1000% fine on this one because (1) it's saying something substantial & (2) there's LOTS of variation & development in the track (i.e. if you're gonna make a longass song, FOR FUCK'S SAKE DEVELOP IT ENOUGH TO MAKE IT WORTH THE LISTENER'S TIME!).
Oi. I think I need to take a walk after listening to this....

Desh -9

Is that Soultron on the sample? COOOOLD. The movements are cool, but transitions feel more disjointed to me. The 6/8 (or 12/8?) Section is outstanding on it's own, though. Okay this spoken word bit is incredible. Message, sonically, omg. I'm not feeling the delivery on the first movement (should I call it that?). The back and forth is awesome conceptually, but the tone and energy don't necessarily match the ominous mystery of the random sample and piano lick layout. More conceptually mind-blowing than the Krunktaku track, but not quite as beastly.

Richie - 9

Let me say the musicianship on this song is top-tier. This reminds me of some prog rock. Very well-done in all aspects, from beat to vocals, to mix. The only thing holding this song back is the length. Is it Krunktaku-tier? Yes.

Thomas - 9

The production on this track is amazing. Each section is like a completely different song with a very different vibe combined to form one epic posse cut and held together with a necessary message that flows throughout the song. The mix of spoken word and rap styles also add another level of variety. Both great ways to alleviate the issue with length, although I’m not fully sure it succeeds. Still, an ambitious work of art that would probably work really well as part of an album or EP rather than as a submission in a posse cut competition.

Public Vote - 8.5

Total Score - 45.5/50

Round 5 Standing - 1st

Overall Score - 227.5/250

Overall Standing - 1st

Team Krunktaku

11AM Before Deadline (ft EyeQ)

Brandon - 10

Yeah, so, it's really more fair to everyone else in the competition that these motherfuckers are judges instead of competitors, especially with EyeQ added to the mix. lol #InspirationalShit #RockyThemedFTW

Whitney- 9

Everyone go home, Kruntaku is back. And they brought EyeQ with them just to rub it in ya'lls faces.

Beaker - 7

Intro is weird and slow - is that eye-q? why does he sound like he had a stroke?
so this beat is a beat... its got a sample. and there are raps - I am glad the lyrics were included so we can attempt to analyze this track in depth and determine if the narrative (should one even exist) follows logically the theme of the tournament and rules of the challenge.
ok I was told this round had no challenges, so good job - criteria met but I am not really sure that "no rules" is what the judges meant when they said "no rules" and there might be some points to deduct here assuming that some rules were broken inadvertently when the team thought "no rules" meant "no rules" because ya know... words are hard.
I dont see how the title of this track relates back to the title - in fact the only bar in this entire song that makes any sense at all is at 3:24 when Eye-Q makes an AOT reference, because at this point eye-q without attack on titan is like 2mello without a mashup... unrecognizable and foreign in a trump build that wall kind of way.
over all I liked this track and the noticable lack of kadesh flow, even tho they tried to tell me he was in this song... I know better and Im not fooled.
lyrical flow and complexity: 7
production and engineering: 6
listenability/replay value: 7
overall - a solid 7 from the returning champs.

Thomas - 10

Team Krunktaku prove that placement of a vocal sample is important, using it for the opening and not just as filler. And it’s even better when paired with Richie’s very personal but empowering first verse. Although Richie has already killed the track, Kadesh Flow and EyeQ are great additions, keeping up the hype energy. I also love that they use the chorus spot for more raps, and even poke a little fun at it in their lyrics. This is how you posse cut.

Public Vote - 9

Total Score - 45/50

Round 5 Standing - 2nd

Overall Score - ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

Overall Standing - DQ

Beat Tape Bandits

Untouchable (ft. MyndThaVillain, Mettik, Bill Beats, _ J'owl)

Brandon - 9

Leading in with a sexy sax solo never hurts my feelings. Hell, the grimy, funky, old school vibe of this one in general pleases me deeply. Fantastic production. Just a solid job all around y'all. Rock the fuck on! \m/

Desh -8.25

Dope. MyndThaVillain's first bar could have been executed much better rhythmically and really brought the perfection of the other verses down (verse was still dope overall) . Lex went bananas on this song, but not quite as bananas as every emcee on the Krunktaku track. -1 for no lyrics.

Richie - 9.5

Holy shit, James Bond! Sax on this is amazing. The verses were pristine, everyone brought bars! Klop really had that beat on lock. Bill Beats with the scratches. This really isn't fair. Is it Krunktaku-tier? Yes.

Thomas - 9.5

Love the jazzy, old school vibe of this one. But at the same time it has just enough edge for the verses. Each of the rappers is nice and the cuts are an excellent addition to the track.

Public Vote - 8.5

Total Score - 44.75/50

Round 5 Standing - 3rd

Overall Score - 217.75/250

Overall Standing - 4th

West Coast Finest

Chain Mail (ft Prowess The Testament)

Brandon - 7.25

Comments: First off, the funky, dirty bass riff + straightforward drum groove pleases me; always a solid foundation. (⌐■_■)b
Beyond that, the two rap verses are solid, but I wouldn't have minded a bit more development beyond them (I wanted a hook to this *so badly*). The "free 16 bars" thing was clever all the same. haha

Desh -9.75

PROWESS THOUGH! I can't. Very creative use of the missing verse. Strong track. Loved it. Goes hard, but not quite as hard as the Krunktaku track.

Richie - 9

This was a very creative concept. I really dig how they flipped that empty 3rd verse. Beat is dope, definitely a head bobber. Verses were cool as well, especially the 3rd verse I freestyled in my head, lol. Is it Krunktaku-tier? Yes.

Thomas - 8.5

I like the funky bass, but I feel like it could us a little something more. Shubzilla is good, Prowess is great, and providing an open third verse for any interested rapper to either just freestyle during it or even record a verse for it, will give the song a much longer shelf life. Good thinking! A cooler intro to the third verse might have been nice. Regardless, I look forward to seeing what kind of third-verse variations come out of this…

Public Vote - 8.25

Total Score - 42.75/50

Round 5 Standing - 7th

Overall Score - 205.5/250

Overall Standing -7th


(ft. Adam Selene, Poverty Man, Rook the Rhymer, Joe Zieja)

Brandon - 8.5

Fun, really solid tune per the usual for Disstopia. Music & production are solid & lyrics are well written and delivered.
That said, it's my least favorite of their entries. Don't get me wrong! It's still good, and the guest bits are a lotta fun, but the other entries just pulled me in deeper. Weird criticism to say, "This is good, but your other shit is better," but is what it is I guess! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Desh -8.75

Feels like everyone is trying too hard. Love the blues progression and the general "fun" factor of the instrumental. All of the verses feel cheesy though, as if the delivery is all Vanilla Ice level. Also, the hook....meh. Catchy, but like Brittney Spears and 90s JT actually having a rap baby. Goes hard, but not quite as hard as the Krunktaku track.

Richie - 9

That "jumping the shark" line, LMAO. This is a good posse track. VERY catchy hook. Everything about this song works very well with the animal farm theme. Is it Krunktaku-tier? Yes.

Thomas - 8

Definitely the most fun track! It’s not the most original idea, but Disstopia do it well and sound like they had a lot of fun doing so. The hick hop beat establishes the fun pretty quick, and that “e-i-e-i-o” chorus is way too catchy. Some of the delivery could be much tighter, but the track is filled with great one-liners. I love the lines about jumping the shark and the monkey diss. And those closing back-and-forth rhymes really add heft to the track.
That beat switch around 2:25 is dirty, as is the guitar solo that follows.

Public Vote - 8.5

Total Score - 42.75/50

Round 5 Standing - 6th

Overall Score - 222/250

Overall Standing - 2nd

Fated Rebellion & CamOflage

The Final Episode

Brandon - 8

Comments: Killer combo of equally intense artists that works pretty damn well. Only minor gripes are the vox are a little off balance in the chorus (too loud vs the music) and the very ending felt a bit abrupt; kinda took a little of the wind out. Still a solid 8+ though. Good conclusion to the saga.

Desh -8.75

Love the multis and rhyme scheme in general. Heavy on the bars and cadence piece. Awesome delivery. Very impressive. But where's your individual track CamO? -1 for no lyrics. Goes hard, but not quite as hard as the Krunktaku track.

Richie - 8.5

Really dope beat. Verses were fire as well. WTS has consistently killed everything they've been on. Intro was a bit on the long side. I really think they should put out an album with all the VPC joints, as they seem to tell a very dope story. Is it Krunktaku-tier? Yes.

Thomas - 8.5

After listening to the intro of this track, I would love to discover that each of the entries from Fated Rebellion were chapters in a five part story. With regards to that intro, if this song is ever released outside of the VPC, I’d highly recommend including it as a separate interlude track before this song. It’s a bit long and filled with too much exposition. We don’t really get into the song for almost a full minute.
The song itself is dope. The beat is spacey synth but with some crunchy bass guitar. It’s contemporary, and hype, too! Lady J kills her first verse, but Osiris Green is no slouch with the second verse and his work on the hook. The start of Lady J’s second verse is a little spotty, but it quickly picks up. And congrats on successfully telling a space opera story in the song.

Public Vote - 7.25

Total Score - 41/50

Round 5 Standing - 8th

Overall Score - CamOFlage - 209.5/250, Fated Rebellion 205/250

Overall Standing - CamOFlage - 5th, Fated Rebellion - 8th

Orzhovian Rhythm

Orzhov Guild Hall (ft. Meags, Small Code)

Brandon - 1

Again, this sounds like the rap was recorded completely separately (and poorly) from the music and then slapped on top of the beat and mixed down really quickly at the very end and then submitted.
This will never work like this y'all. Sorry, but you have to change A LOT for this to be even *remotely* viable as an entry.

Desh - 5

Best job this competition.I think all parties involved need to become more comfortable with the lyrics before recording. Also, the second verse starts getting horrifyingly off-beat. Third verse is all the way off-beat, albeit hilarious. Come on now...just count to four. Still an improvement. Keep pushing forward, y'all! One day, you'll be able to produce a track on the level of Team Krunktaku.

Richie - 6

It's very dope watching this team continue to evolve throughout this VPC. This song is interesting, the 2nd verse paints a very distopian picture. Rhythmically, this song could be more consistent, but it's still an improvement over their round 2 debut. Is it Krunktaku-tier? Not yet.

Thomas - 3

The poor mix of this track really makes judging difficult. The vocals drown out the beat. And the slow and minimal beat really exposes all the inadequacies of the rappers. Also, the lyrics from each rapper don’t seem connected in any way (other than maybe as characters in a role playing game?). Unfortunately, this whole song is a mess. At least they keep it short.
I’d be really curious to hear this beat done with a proper mix, though.

Public Vote - 5.5

Total Score - 20.5/50

Round 5 Standing - 15th

Overall Score - 80/250

Overall Standing - 19th

The E.L. & Solo Act

Cats,Candy,Chaos(ft Tek Force, Jollimus, Josh Krow, Ish1da, Ekaj, Kadesh Flow, Richie Branson)

Brandon - 6.5

Okay, so I understand there's a lotta folk on this posse track (nature of the beast), and it's pretty fun for that, right? Right. No doubt.
Some of the vox aren't mixed into the music worth a flip either. I know that can be tricky when you have 100 different people recording vocals in different environments, but it's still an issue regardless.
All that said, it's still a pretty fun posse track and would be damn ridiculous performed live (provided everyone on it were ever gathered in the same place to perform it!).

Whitney - 7

Tek wasn't my favorite starter in this. I dont feel like he brought as much fire as it needed to get jumped off from the start. I probably would have swapped his and Jollimus' positioning, since I felt like Jolli's verse was much stronger. Teks was solid, but it was just missing something more than I wanted from it. That was easily the best Jollimus verse I've heard in a long while. Loved it. Josh Krow also came in solid, as always. Ishida deserves an honorable mention too. If all his tracks were that fire, I'd actually consider listening to his music. GG. And then Ekaj comes in and ruins the whole thing. EL SOLO ACT Y U DO DIS? (I actually know the reasoning, but god it still hurts.) The judges tracks were a nice touch, but Vincent EL brings it home and hands everyone their asses. He's the stand out of the track by a long shot.
The mixing. Sadly, wasn't there. I had to turn the bass down on my speakers, before they blew. It was just a little too high and off. Solo has killed it this whole competition, and sometimes I forget that he's quite young in production years. This track is the first one I felt showed a little of that immaturity. You can hear that everyone was on different mics, in different environments, with different levels. It was smooth and seamless like I would have wanted it to be. But I also feel like that he'll nail that, with time. For being his first real foray into production, he could have easily had been mistaken for a vet.

Beaker - 6

for fucks sake - this is a 7 minute song. alright lets go.
tek force - simplicity on a funky synth... all I need are some outdated console referen... wait. there it was. in under a minute. awesome.
I would like to murder this hook - like... i want it to take on the physical qualities of a living person and then use some tool or instrument to bludgeon that person to death. beacuse i hate. i hate it so much.
hey there's jollimus. I bet the high point of this mess just happened in the second verse. ok. 5 minutes to go.
hey its josh krow - typical josh krow style with quick doubles and roll backs. thats fun. but wait - no mention of any fandoms. -1 point for failing to meet previously established expectations.
heres that goddamn hook again.
solo x9000 - idk who this is - mumbles like shida but has a lisp like ekaj and both of them sound like teryaki so I assume this is actually lavos.
oh no there is ekaj - that voice sounds like hes been sucking on an onyx dick for the past couple of months. somebody get him some mucinex and a glass of water ffs.
kadesh flow and FINALLY A TRANSITION WITHOUT THAT GODDAMN HOOK. flow did really good i think those were words im not sure.
at this point im mad at the beat - its like 6 friends are rapping over the level music to some ripoff of super smash tv or something.
Jolli with the Ladies - this is the truest thing Richie has ever said in a rap. +10.
so theres the end of the features and theres still 2 minutes of this fucking song to go. wtf is about to happen?
oh shit there is vincent. i cant believe he put this thing together and then was like "you know what could make this better - another fucking verse. give me the mic"
im also mad at solo for letting that happen. why is this verse like 4 times longer than the others AND at the end? i like the bar structure but the word play is p basic and then WTF IS THIS VOICE/FILTER ON THE LAST HOOK?! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?!
words and syllables - 6
bleeps and bloops - 8
can i even tho - 2
rounds it out to about a 6 for the El Solo act and co.

Thomas - 7.5

Another fun posse cut with a nice mix of rappers. The quality of the song fluctuates with the quality of the rappers. What I don’t understand is why there is a chorus after Tek Force, Jollimus and Josh Krow, but then we don’t get another chorus until the rest of the guest list has rapped… It seems extremely disorganized. And at six and a half minutes, it would have been better to have cut the chorus all together, or at least maybe spread it out over the song with two or three instances.

Public Vote - 8.25

Total Score - 35.25/50

Round 5 Standing - 13th

Overall Score - 195.75/250

Overall Standing - 10th

Annex Dote

Open Bar Olympics (ft. Atlas BLK, Prowess The Testament, and RNL)

Brandon - 7

This song gave me a hangover. lol Music, lyrics, and delivery are all pretty solid, although there's some pretty bogus balancing & mixing issues with some of the vocals (not placed in the mix well and/or some wacky EQ issues).
Also, I don't get the chorus at all. It just feels... off.

Desh - 8.75

The song is pretty solid. Mix is all over the place in some spots. Two verses are absolutely amazing. Two are a bit off rhythmically at spots. Really feeling the song overall. Goes hard, but not quite as hard as the Krunktaku track.

Richie - 8.5

This is dope. I'm a sucker for vintage hella-compressed boom-bap production. Sample choices are top-tier. Verses DEFINITELY do this beat justice. It's a bit hard to make out what's being said during the hook. Is it Krunktaku-tier? Yep.

Thomas - 6

I like the cuts and the horn stab throughout; the muddy drums are cool, too. The rappers are primarily good. But overall, the track just doesn’t work for me. The parts don’t come together well. Maybe it’s the mix? And I’m expecting it to be more fun than it really is.

Public Vote - 8.75

Total Score - 39/50

Round 5 Standing - 9th

Overall Score - 199.75/250

Overall Standing - 9th


Let's Get Unusual (ft. Beefy, Shubzilla, and MC-3PO)

Brandon - 8

Comments: Enjoyable tune with a solid groove and well delivered lyrics (both the rap and singing). This is an all around good mix of sexy and fun with pretty solid production. Well done y'all.
...and that's Alton Brown at the end of the fucking song talking about making Pastrami, isn't it? Holy shit. hahhahhhahah Bonus .5 for that, srsly.

Desh - 9.75

This song is amazing. It just doesn't quite "bang" or "thump". Verses are bar none, but not quite as bar none as the verse from the Krunktaku track.

Richie - 8.5

That hook is fire! Beat is dope as well. MC-3P0 can sing! Verses are really well as well. Is it Krunktaku-tier? Yes.

Thomas - 9.5

First off, bonus points to C0splay for all the Canadiana he dropped in the first verse, but all four rappers are good and provide a nice mix of styles. But really, the winner here is the sexy, Prince-like singing that starts off as simply the hook, but surprisingly doesn’t overstay it’s welcome when the chorus becomes another verse. The closing cuts and sample, thought not that necessary, are a nice touch.

Public Vote - 7.75

Total Score - 43.5/50

Round 5 Standing - 4th

Overall Score - 207.25/250

Overall Standing - 6th

Team SWAbophinoWestTapeDote FlyingBeerBreadRhythmRebellion DapperDissSexoflageAct P4-Up


Brandon - Fuck

For fuck's sake, Jollimus. hahaha

Desh -。゜(゜^▽^゜)゜。

。゜(゜^▽^゜)゜。 。゜(゜^▽^゜)゜。 。゜(゜^▽^゜)゜。 。゜(゜^▽^゜)゜。

Richie - 4

Needs more posse, lol. Is it Krunktaku-tier? "I don't know what the fuck to fuckin' say"

Thomas - 5

This is Jollimus, isn’t it?

Public Vote - 5.5

Total Score - ⊙﹏⊙ / 50

Round 5 Standing - (╯°□°)╯

Overall Score - ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

Overall Standing - \_(ʘ_ʘ)_/

Ohm-I 1-UP

Internet Gangstas (Ft Ricky Spanish, El-Gun Legro, Kitty Kat Glitta)

Brandon - 8.5

This shit is fucking hilarious. Clever and entertaining lyrics and all delivered well. The tune is straightforward, but serves the song well enough. Mario Coin sounds for censorship = lolololol. Feel like it's missing the little bit of production polish needed to bring it to the next level, though. Still a solid 8+ all the same.

Desh - 9.25

Verses were fire. Kitty Kat Glitta marked all of y'all though. Nice "F*** Them Other N****z" call out with the beat. The autotune was not well executed. Overall, goes hard, but not quite as hard as the Krunktaku track

Richie - 9

This beat was made on a phone, yet sounds really fucking good. Ohm-I is the hook gawd, nearly all of this song's points were earned on the hook alone. I hum this shit in the shower, while driving, and at various moments throughout the day. Verses were fire too. Is it Krunktaku-tier? Yes.

Thomas - 8

Love that hook! The beat build is great. I very much disliked the autotune section. And suddenly between Ricky Spanish and El-Gn Legro there’s no hook. That’s actually good since the song is so damn long already, but it only makes sense that the song should have had two rappers, a chorus, two rappers, and another chorus.

Public Vote - 8.25

Total Score - 43/50

Round 5 Standing - 5th

Overall Score - 218/250

Overall Standing - 3rd

Magical Beer Squad

Beer Saved Mah Lyfe (ft. Dj mutiny, big D, cam3)

Brandon - 7.25

Comments: Fun, goofy, anthem of boozetasticness. I grinned and drank a beer while listening. #BeerAdvocate #HoorayBeer
That said, the chorus vocals are kinda messy overall (too much reverb, off time delay, flat spots). Wish that section were tighter.

Desh -7.75

"Pastor Shots" HAHAHA. I see what you did there. This was a fun, well executed track and vocal performance(s). Best song for this team. Vocal delivery still could have been cleaner. You know, clean like the delivery of all the verses on the Krunktaku track. Docked 1 for no lyrics

Richie - 8

Took me straight to church. This is a really fun strong. I'd say it's this team's 2nd best song behind their political round entry. Great choice in guest verses. Love what you guys did with cutting off the 2nd verse, lol. Is it Krunktaku-tier? Almost.

Thomas - 9

The preacher in the intro and outro wears thin after a few listens and requires skipping. The (toe-tapping) beat and chorus are catchy. Each of the three verses are good. Big D’s finish to his verse is funny. The song could lose 30 seconds and be tighter for it.

Public Vote - 6.75

Total Score - 38.75/50

Round 5 Standing - 10th

Overall Score - 187.25/250

Overall Standing - 11th