VPC4 Round 0:

Preview/Team Announcement Tracks

Round 0, while not officially scored, is the preamble for VPC4. A sign of things to come. A window into the minds of our competitors. This is the artists' chance to flex on the competition and give a taste of what to expect to listeners. This year, a handful of teams stepped forward in Round 0 and the results are anything but average. We got funky, hard hitting, firestarting, off-kilter songs for your appetizer. Listen and see if you have an early favorite team!


Introducing SWERV

Team SWERV out the door swinging, with their VPC preview track. Check out joshkrow's and Chuck Vaughn's "Introducing SWERV" coming in hard and heavy!

Saints of San Secuestro

Premature Etrackulation

Sometimes even a track can come a little too early. A nice one Yugen and Max James! Maybe VPC5 they'll let someone else come first. *ahem*

The E.L. & Solo Act


Coming in hot it's Shawn Solo and Vincent E. L. the Earwig Linguist as The E.L. & Solo Act with C.U.S.S. Although Shawn's a new producer on the scene, he's proving himself fit to run with the big boys.

Annex Dote


Annex Dote shows us a team up of Ardamus and Kordlyss. Go hard or go home. Kordylss always on point with the rhymes and Ardamus bringing the beat hard.

The Beat Tape Bandits

Windy Funk

Feeling in a funk? Get your funk right with a bit of The Beat Tape Bandits (Lex Lingo and Klopfenpop) and their track Windy Funk!


Pastoral Rounder Zero

Navi and Adam Selene bring something special for your ear holes. Need a description for their unique sound? Helephino!



This VPC we see the return of one of our Neals Feels teams, and they're coming in with a heck of a preview track. Disstopia (Flexstyle and MC 117) with their track Whipped. Contestants, you may consider yourself well and truly so after listening to this.