VPC4 Round 4:

Sell Out

Finally, the time has come…
You got the call.
You heard the voice mail.
You’ve made it, and all that hard work is about to pay off.
For this round, your team has been approached by Suge Beaks and he is ready to sign you and cut an album – BUT – he has conditions.
...There’s always conditions.
In order to invest in you, you have to provide a return on that investment. Touring, merch – all that comes later… Right now we need a radio ready single and a product endorsement to get us in the door. Think you have what it takes to market yourself to the big leagues? Are you ready to do whatever it takes to make it and claim your spot on the main stage? ...are you ready to sell out?

West Coast Finest

I Don't

Brandon - 7

1/1 - radio spot = (^-^)b
2.5/3 - This is terrible & rather hilarious. hahaha
3.5/6 - Enjoyed the rap on this one. Music production is kinda... off here & there tho (notes on bass & chip leads clash quite a bit and are rather off putting; organ is too loud as well). Bit repetitive overall, even for a "radio single". Not bad, but imho could use a bit more development.

Desh -9.75

Jingle - 3/3: LOL
Spot - 1/1: Nice
F - 2/2: Chill flow. Rhythmically sound. You totally own this.
L - 2/2: Bars.
O - 1.75/2: Really really great song, but you’re a little lackluster on it. I get that it’s a chill feel, but only the second verse and hook sounded like strong deliveries from you. The first verse felt lethargic even though it was well executed technically. Really great work overall though.

Richie - 10

Radio Spot 1/1 - nicely done!
Jingle 3/3 - There's something delightfully dystopian about a Significant Other Superstore, lol.
Song - 6/6 Wow, this song would totally kill if it were released as a radio single. That hook is catchy AF. Dope production style... kinda reminds me of an MIA single.

Thomas - 8.5

1 / 1 RADIO SPOT CHALLENGE: Completed.
1 / 1 JINGLE CHALLENGE: Completed.
2 / 2 JINGLE QUALITY: I bet this place would be a big hit, but should I be worried this commercial come from a married person? (The jingle is catchy, too)
1.5 / 2 SELL OUT CHALLENGE: I think the beat might be a bit too dark carnival for most radio, but maybe the personal testimonial for marriage would sell it.
1.5 / 2 SONG QUALITY VOCALIST: Sometimes the simple delivery could have used a bit more style. I love the chorus, and the play on the "I do" / "I don't" dichotomy is a smart angle for the chorus. An unusual choice of subject for a radio song, but I like when rappers get vulnerable.
1.5 / 2 SONG QUALITY PRODUCER: I like the beat, but the synth on the chorus is perhaps a bit too much.

Public Vote - 8

Total Score - 43.25/50

Round 4 Standing - 9th

Overall Standing - 10th

Team Starborob

Manic Pixel Dream Girl

Brandon - 10

1/1 - radio spot = (^-^)b
3/3 - Robo-sempai is your ticket to billions.
6/6 - WHY THE FUCK WASN'T THIS ON CHIPWIN VOLUME 5?!? STARBOROB, GET ON THAT SHIT FOR V.6! Srsly, great single & subject matter. One of my fav subs this round easily.

Desh - 9.75

Jingle - 3/3: “Robo Senpai” OMG. This is adorable.
Spot - 1/1: Cool
F - 2/2: I SEE YOU COMING FOR THESE HEADS, STARBY!!!! Have I written this every round? You need to calm down, ma’am. Folks out here tryna grow and you’re out here stomping competition down and ish. *Le sigh*
L - 2/2: Great.
O - 1.75/2: Best song I’ve ever heard from either of you, I think. Some of the vox are fighting with the instrumental in the hook though.

Richie - 9.5

Radio Spot 1/1 - perfect!
Jingle - 3/3 - beautiful, love the music!
Song - 5.5/6 - this is REALLY dope. Again, the music here is incredible. Vocals could use a little boost, but other than that, I dig it.

Thomas -

1 / 1 RADIO SPOT CHALLENGE: Completed.
1 / 1 JINGLE CHALLENGE: Completed.
2 / 2 JINGLE QUALITY: Funny concept. Reminds me of El-P's "Stepfather Factory" in some ways.
1 / 2 SELL OUT CHALLENGE: Not sure I can see this on top 40 radio, but Starby raps her heart out, and even pulls off some auto tuned (?) singing on the chorus.
2 / 2 SONG QUALITY VOCALIST: Dig both Shelby's rapping and singing on this track. Wanna give Big Daddy your number? ;)
2 / 2 SONG QUALITY PRODUCER: Not my type of beat, but it's a great match for Shelby and could probably make its way onto some specialty shows.

Public Vote - 8

Total Score - 46.25/50

Round 4 Standing - 4th

Overall Standing - 4th

Team Kranktaku


Brandon - 6

1/1 - hahahahahaha
2/3 - GIV A
3/6 - Not gonna lie, I laughed a lot at the clever, humorous lyrics. Overall production & vox (lower notes) need work, but probably Jolly's best this VPC. I'll always entertained, that much is for sure.

Desh - 7.5

Team Kranktaku 7.5 Jingle - 3/3: LOL
Spot - 1/1: Kranktaku eh? Oh...Okay. lol
F - 1/2: You kind of went in on this.Rhythms get a little weird at spots though.
L - 2/2: LOL.
O - .5/2: Bars and flow are solid, but this song still sounds pretty bad. Nice entry. A for effort. Would work if it counted.

Richie - 6

Radio Spot 1/1 - Kranktaku FTW!
Jingle - 2/3 - took me a few listens to know exactly what was being sold, but dope, lol.
Song 3/6 - Joli comin thru with the hits! The thing that would kill this as a radio single are those super quiet drums. Damn shame Steve Perry scored our VPC3 masterpiece "Supervillan" just 1 point higher than this. Shame on you Steve! Shame on you!

Thomas - 3

1 / 1 RADIO SPOT CHALLENGE: Loved the insider aspect of this spot. Hilarious.
1 / 1 JINGLE CHALLENGE: Completed.
0 / 2 JINGLE QUALITY: Boring. The worst part of the song. Too bad it's at the start. Also, as a radio jingle, it's not very catchy and the censoring makes no sense. A radio jingle just wouldn't have that type of language to censor.
0 / 2 SELL OUT CHALLENGE: Nothing about this is sellout or radio. The beat is dope, but it's not a radio track. And the subject matter is too racy for the radio.
1 / 2 SONG QUALITY VOCALIST: Jollimus sounds good here.
0 / 2 SONG QUALITY PRODUCER: Since there really isn't a producer for this "team" of one, I have to give a 0, but I love this beat and would probably give it a 2 in any other situation. But hey, who produced it? Kudos to that person!

Public Vote - 6

Total Score - DQ

Round 4 Standing - DQ

Overall Standing - DQ


I'm Gone

Brandon - 8

1/1 - Radio spot = (^-^)b
3/3 - omg I just threw up a little in my mouth... (。>﹏<。)
4/6 - While I dig this weird jam, not sure how "single" worthy it is? I could be an out of touch old motherfucker, tho, I dunno. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Vox a little dryer than I'd like to have in this track as well, but only minorly such, so no big deal. Didn't dig the sudden stop tho.

Desh - 9

Jingle - 3/3: Mkay
Spot - 1/1: haha
F - 1.75/2: Uh oh! Go hard! Go hard! You sound REALLY confident in 90% of this, but a few lines sound like you mailed them in. Maybe you hadn’t quite internalized the way you would deliver the song before recording it? The few shaky parts took away from the overall delivery. Overall, you did a solid job here.
L - 2/2: Good work
O - 1.25/2: Strong vocal performance. I wasn’t really into the instrumental much, and the mix didn’t do the vocals many favors. They sounded fine, but bland.

Richie - 7

radio spot 1/1 - thumbs up!
jingle 3/3 - that autotune at the end, classic! lol.
song - 3/6 - the production is solid. I'm digging the radio ready trap drums. My main gripe lies in the hook, which is the heart and soul of any radio single. The major shift in tonality that occurs during the hook would have served better as a bridge.

Thomas - 7

1 / 1 RADIO SPOT CHALLENGE: Didn't sound like there was a radio spot anywhere to me.
1 / 1 JINGLE CHALLENGE: Completed.
1 / 2 JINGLE QUALITY: It does the job, but the delivery ins't always clear. I'm still not exactly sure what it is other than gross yoghurt.
1 / 2 SELL OUT CHALLENGE: I'm not sure what kind of sellout/radio track is being attempted here. Maybe a dance track?
2 / 2 SONG QUALITY VOCALIST: Liked Rafe's delivery on this one. Not yet sure what it's about though.
1 / 2 SONG QUALITY PRODUCER: I think a different mix of this song is necessary, especially the chorus, to turn it into a radio or club track. But, I like this beat. It's pretty catchy during the verse and enjoyably unsettling during the chorus.

Public Vote - 8

Total Score - 39

Round 4 Standing - 14th (tie)

Overall Standing - 24th


Feeling Alright

Brandon - 8

1/1 - radio spot = (^-^)b
2.5/3 - I mean, I've already drank this already, so yeah. hahaha
4.5/6 - Definitely a club single; hits that vibe pretty right. Production issues with vocals properly sat in mix tho; bit dryer than they should be too with this style of EDM. Still good tho!

Desh - 9.25

Jingle - 3/3: Cool
Spot - 1/1: Bahahaha
F - 1.75/2: Owned this performance. The second verse was pretty perfect, while the first had some parts that were a little shaky from a delivery standpoint.
L - 2/2: Nice
O - 1.5/2: Overall, fun song. Nice work ACTUALLY USING SOME PITCH TUNING THAT WAS MINOR. It worked pretty well. Your stacks were lined up sloppily throughout the song. Bothered me a good bit, as this would be a great entry otherwise.

Richie - 8

radio spot 1/1 - great.
jingle 3/3 - How you managed to make something as disgusting as Jack Daniels mixed with Mountain Dew sound good is beyond me.
song 4/6 - The beat is cool. EDM chords FTW. The drums need a boost. Impressed by C0splay's harmonies in the hook, lol. His doubles throught the verses could be cleaned up a bit, they aren't always exactly in time with the lead vocal.

Thomas - 8

1 / 1 RADIO SPOT CHALLENGE: Well done. Loved the reaction to the station name, even knowing you obviously created the name so you could have that reaction.
1 / 1 JINGLE CHALLENGE: Completed.
2 / 2 JINGLE QUALITY: Reminded me a lot of those old St. Ides commercials. Played completely straight and well done. The disclaimer was great.
1 / 2 SELL OUT CHALLENGE: Decent radio song. I was afraid, at first, that it was going to be a discordant 8-bit mess, but my misgivings were quickly dispelled. the subject matter isn't the usual radio fare, but it's appropriately delivered. The chorus really takes the challenge.
1.5 / 2 SONG QUALITY VOCALIST: Great vocals on the jingle. Really enjoyed the delivery of the chorus, and when the beat really kicks in C0splay sounds very good.
1.5 / 2 SONG QUALITY PRODUCER: The beat is a little too 8-bit-trying-to-be-a-radio-song, but the chorus works so I can't argue with the results.

Public Vote - 7

Total Score - 40.25

Round 4 Standing - 13th

Overall Standing - 9th

Orzhovian Rhythm

Girl You Good

Brandon - 2.5

1/1 - radio spot = (^-^)b
1/3 - Eh, kinda a halfhearted jingle tbh. Not much else to say.
0.5/6 - Flat vocals delivered out of the pocket, boring songwriting, weak production (beat is way too simple & undeveloped). Definitely not even *close* to being radio single worthy; don't feel like that challenge was considered here at all tbh.

Desh -6.25

Jingle - 3/3: Cool
Spot - 1/1: Cool
F - .25/2: The entire delivery feels off. It’s like you decided to start every line on an upbeat, and that only worked some of the time. If you had just started on “1” most of the song, this would have gone much better for you. Also, the singing is pretty rough. I think in this case you could have rapped all of this and stacked vocal lines to make the performance effective. Keep working, just try to be more strategic about where you start your lines and how much sense your entrances make rhythmically.
L - 1.5/2: Solid job here, but these seem like they could have been thought out a little more.
O - .5/2: This beat is a vast improvement from other entries. The producer is really growing, though more could have been done to make it easier for the vocalist to come in and dominate the song. Vocal performance really needed some work though. Keep working, y’all.

Richie - 5.5

radio spot 0.5/1 - good, except the long amount of dead air between the spot and the song.
jingle 2.5/3 - ghost credit, lol. Good stuf, the radio spot instrumental just ends too abruptly. I'd recommend fading it out or using an air horn effect after the drums stop.
Song 2.5/6 - there's some elements here that can be fleshed out into something greater. The song needs a bit more structure to be radio-ready. Verses, hook, and bridge should be obvious to even the most distracted listener. Here, they just kind of blend together, making the song sound more experimental than commercial.

Thomas - 4

0.5 / 1 RADIO SPOT CHALLENGE: Not really a radio spot, but a decent song intro anyway.
1 / 1 JINGLE CHALLENGE: Completed.
1 / 2 JINGLE QUALITY: Enjoyed the ghost credit joke but the vocals sound like they were recorded in a large, empty room, or maybe a tomb.
1 / 2 SELL OUT CHALLENGE: The beat isn't really the type I'd expect to hear on the radio. I guess the singing is an attempt at making a radio song, so 1 point for the attempt.
0 / 2 SONG QUALITY VOCALIST: The singing is not good. A radio song doesn't mean it has to have singing. Lots of rap songs are not only played on the radio but are also big radio hits. If you can't sing, you should have stuck with doing a radio rap song. The one rapped part seems abrupt and forced.
0.5 / 2 SONG QUALITY PRODUCER: The beat isn't a radio one. The mix could be much better, especially when it comes to the vocals, although the recording of the vocals probably doesn't help. I'm also not sure why the song just cuts out at parts.

Public Vote - 4.5

Total Score - 23/50

Round 4 Standing - 18th

Overall Standing - 23rd

Ohm-I 1-UP


Brandon - 9

1/1 - radio spot = (^-^)b
3/3 - Fucking Gamecast hahahahaha
5/6 - I laughed, I cried, & then I pre-ordered a Gamecast. Bit of pitchiness on some of the chorus vox, but not enough to hurt it much.

Desh - 10

Jingle - 3/3: ...OMG
Spot - 1/1: LOL
F - 2/2: Great.
L - 2/2: Hilarious.
O - 2 /2: The song sounds good. The track feels good. The harmony in the hook is awesome. Loved this one.

Richie - 10

radio spot 1/1 - FINALLY some air horns!!!!! 69 Hz in the AM, LMAO.
jingle 3/3 - Sonic Fox Adventures would be dope AF.
Song 6/6 - hook catchy AF. Love the 3rd verse beat switch up.

Thomas - 9

1 / 1 RADIO SPOT CHALLENGE: Awesome radio spot! Perfect delivery. Love the "Oh my" sampled add in.
1 / 1 JINGLE CHALLENGE: Completed.
2 / 2 JINGLE QUALITY: Awesome that they took a quick joke from a lame Hollywood movie and fleshed it out into not only a commercial but also a full song concept. Some great game titles, too!
2 / 2 SELL OUT CHALLENGE: Holy shit, that chorus! Catchy as hell! It would totally sell the console.
1 / 2 SONG QUALITY VOCALIST: Love the chorus and the lyrics tell a funny tale. The delivery could be tighter in the second verse.
2 / 2 SONG QUALITY PRODUCER: Love this beat. It works great with the chorus, and the movie sample was well incorporated.

Public Vote - 8

Total Score - 46/50

Round 4 Standing - 5th

Overall Standing - 3rd

Magical Beer Squad


Brandon - 8

1/1 - radio spot = (^-^)b
3/3 - #NeedsMoreFRUITYPebbles #WellPlayedTho
4/6 - Enjoyable, catchy little jam. Lower notes a bit flat here & there, but overall vocal delivery is pretty good. Could be mixed in better tho (balancing issues mix-wise). Overall gets a bit repetitive before it's over.

Desh - 9

Jingle -3 /3: Nice
Spot - 1/1: Nice
F - 1.75/2: I’m not sure the vocal delivery totally gels with the instrumental. Overall, it’s solid. Love the pre-hook.
L - 2/2: Nice work here.
O - 1.25/2: I enjoyed this song. My main qualm is that I don’t think the vocals were mixed in appropriately. They sound fine, but they don’t stand out in the way that pop vocals should, and it makes the overall song sound a bit lackluster.

Richie - 8.5

radio spot 1/1 nicely done.
jingle 3/3 booty pebbles?! HAHAHA.
song 4.5/6 this song really plays to Twill's strenghts as a songwriter. The beat is a bit muddy on the low end, causing it to overpower the vocals at a few parts. Honestly, all this song needs is a few minor tweaks in the mix. Well done!

Thomas - 9

1 / 1 RADIO SPOT CHALLENGE: Accomplished, and with a side of cute to boot.
1 / 1 JINGLE CHALLENGE: Completed.
1 / 2 JINGLE QUALITY: Loved that it's an inside joke. Also like that it was at the end so it's easy to excise from the song for actual radio play or personal rotation. Otherwise, it's fairly basic.
2 / 2 SELL OUT CHALLENGE: Great bubblegum pop that could actually receive radio airplay if released without the fake radio spot at the beginning.
2 / 2 SONG QUALITY VOCALIST: Totally in Twill Distilled's wheelhouse.
2 / 2 SONG QUALITY PRODUCER: B-Type has provided a great backdrop for Twill Distilled to strut her stuff.
BONUS: Not my usual preference for music, but this is easily my favourite track from this duo.

Public Vote - 7.25

Total Score - 41.75/50

Round 4 Standing - 11th

Overall Standing - 13th



Brandon - 10

f1/1 - radio spot = (^-^)b
6/6 - Okay, this song is both speaking to my inner nerd too deeply and making my wife shake her booty on me, so, uh, yeah. #FULLMARKS. hahaha

Desh - 9.75

Jingle - 3/3: nice
Spot - 1/1: nice
F - 1.75/2: Hook’s a little pitchy. Otherwise great. L - 2/2: I LOVE the way you brought such a nerdy and nostalgia-inducing topic into a catchy format.
O - 2/2: Really really really enjoyed this song.

Richie - 10

radio spot 1/1 excellent.
jingle 3/3 the fine print at the end, nice!
song 6/6 catchy hook, nice production values, really good song.

Thomas - 10

1 / 1 RADIO SPOT CHALLENGE: One of the better radio spots.
1 / 1 JINGLE CHALLENGE: Completed.
2 / 2 JINGLE QUALITY: Not the catchiest jingle, but Adam Selene keeps it in the socio-political spectrum in which they excel for at least a portion of this submission.
2 / 2 SELL OUT CHALLENGE: Is their sellout that they're finally doing a song with a typical nerdcore subject? Not sure this is a radio track, though.
2 / 2 SONG QUALITY VOCALIST: I like Adam Selene's delivery, and I think this is the first time I've heard them rap about more typical nerdcore subject matter.
2 / 2 SONG QUALITY PRODUCER: It's a big beat that works really well for Adam Selene.

Public Vote - 9

Total Score - 48.75/50

Round 4 Standing - 1st

Overall Standing - 1st

go to bread


Brandon - 7.5

1/1 - Fun spin on the radio spot using it to introduce the song!
2.5/3 - My balls hurt after listening to that. O.o
4/6 - Enjoyable pop-rap tune with radio single inspirational lyrics; bit of the late Transformers-era Linkin Park vibe even. Hits a lot of the "radio friendly" points in general, but could use some additional work vocally & production-wise to get it all the way there.

Desh - 7

Jingle - 3/3: Hilarious
Spot - 1/1: Nice
F - 1/2: The hook takes away from how effectively the rest of the song is delivered. The singing is subpar. Should have autotuned all of it if you were going to autotune any of it. The hook really ruins the song.
L - 1.5/2: Solid. Just super cheesy, unnecessarily so. I appreciated the consistency of the verse framework!
O - 1 /2: Mixing was all over the place, beat was weak, song was okay.

Richie - 8.5

radio spot 1/1 good work.
jingle 3/3 LMAO ball cream!
4.5/6 definitely has some radio potential! The beat is dope! The vocals could use more high pass filtering.

Thomas - 8.5

0.5 / 1 RADIO SPOT CHALLENGE: Not a radio spot, which should be the artist not the radio show DJ. But I'm giving a half point because the hosting duties were so well done.
1 / 1 JINGLE CHALLENGE: Completed.
2 / 2 JINGLE QUALITY: Hilarious. A bit of info, some sound effects, and a little harmonizing at the end... Perfect! The radio static at the beginning was a nice touch
2 / 2 SELL OUT CHALLENGE: Completed. A good radio rap track of the epic ballad variety.
1 / 2 SONG QUALITY VOCALIST: The vocals could have used a bit more emotion in the delivery, maybe. The delivery felt a little flat.
2 / 2 SONG QUALITY PRODUCER: A perfect beat for this type of song, even down to the use of autotune.

Public Vote - 7.5

Total Score - 39/50

Round 4 Standing - 14th (tie)

Overall Standing - 15th

Flying Fortress


Brandon - 3

1/1 - radio spot = (^-^)b
1/3 - Odd b-radio ad for an odd b-radio product...
1/6 - ...which turned into the single for this round. That's... not what was supposed to happen here. On top of that it just wasn't a good song, vocally or production-wise.

Desh - 4.5

Jingle - 1/3: So your jingle was the entire song? The jingle was supposed to be 30 seconds, give or take.
Spot - 0/1: I’m not noticing this. Is this here?
F - 1/2: The verses sound super disjointed. Not effectively delivered at all. Hook is fun. Even with the trollish delivery, you still should enunciate everything more clearly and work on subdividing your rhythms when they change up.
L - 2/2: I see what you’re doing here. Cool.
O - .5/2: This song was pretty bad. The beat was weak, the song is just strange sounding. It feels off. The only thing palatable is the hook.

Richie - 5.5

radio spot 1/1 approved.
jingle 1.5/3 vocals sound distractingly muddy during the jingle. otherwise, i dig it.
song 3/6 the beat is straight. The vocals mix is all over the place.

Thomas - 4

0.5 / 1 JINGLE CHALLENGE: Usually a jingle involves a catchy little song (i.e. - the jingle!) which this doesn't have. Challenge completed?
0.5 / 2 JINGLE QUALITY: Not much of a jingle. No catchy song. It just sounds like a synopsis of a previous episode of a (radio?) show before the current episode (this song?) starts. But then the song plays out like the whole thing is the jingle, or commercial. It's like those old radio plays, but with music. So confusing... Or utterly brilliant!
0 / 2 SELL OUT CHALLENGE: I really can't see this as any type of radio track, other than on an old time show that still airs radio plays - with music added. Neither the beat or lyrics are applicable. Seriously, a song about a serialized space adventure for your sellout track?
1 / 2 SONG QUALITY VOCALIST: The rapping is not enjoyable to listen to, but I really like the singing on the chorus. If that was the style of the whole song, you'd get more points from me in a few categories.
1 / 2 SONG QUALITY PRODUCER: Beat is alright but not exactly built for the radio. Still, I like it, and it could maybe pass the sell-out test with a different vocal delivery. The vocal mix on here is terrible, or Gill is screwing you with a terrible recording set-up. But why does the quality of the recording of the singing sound so much better?

Public Vote - 5

Total Score - 22/50

Round 4 Standing - 19th

Overall Standing - 17th

Fated Rebellion

California Kingpen

Brandon - 10

1/1 - radio spot = (^-^)b
6/6 - Lady J doing heavily autotuned mumble rap = the epitome of selling out. Challenge = #NAILEDIT

Desh -8

Jingle - 3/3: OMG! Hilarious.
Spot - 1/1: Nice
F - 1.5/2: Autotune usage could have been better. It’s sloppy throughout, but still digestible in the sense that a Future song might be.
L - 1/2: Okay. So I LOVE the troll level here. Love it. But I think you could have worked harder to be a little more clever about it. Mess that sounds like this definitely makes it to the airwaves, so I’m not mad, but I still have to judge you on you and your writing here.
O - 1.5/2: I liked the song as much as turnt me would dance to it at a party but never choose to listen to it in real life, which I think is what you were going for. I also appreciated the troll. Have to knock on lyrics of course.

Richie - 10

radio spot 1/1 perfect.
jingle 3/3 ASS GUARD!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Brilliant!
song 6/6 everything about this song screams radio. Mix is spot on too!

Thomas - 6.5

1 / 1 RADIO SPOT CHALLENGE: Boooooring! Especially sandwiched between two big jokes. But the challenge was completed, nonetheless.
1 / 1 JINGLE CHALLENGE: Completed.
1.5 / 2 JINGLE QUALITY: It's easy potty humour, but the star endorsements are a clever addition. But why are the first two actors while the third is a character?
1 / 2 SELL OUT CHALLENGE: Apparently this is a sarcastic attempt at mumble rap. I'm not really familiar with the style (not my lane) but if this is what it sounds like, I can see why people bitch about it. I was very quickly bored. I would turn the radio dial. Still, they've made a radio song, joke or not, and it is well done for what it is.
0 / 2 SONG QUALITY VOCALIST: I only understood a few words. Too much autotune for me. Not really much to judge vocally.
2 / 2 SONG QUALITY PRODUCER: Definitely a commercial-style beat, and a very good mix on the song.
BONUS: This could actually be a good song (and possibly get some radio play) if Lady J took it seriously and either actually rapped and/or sang on it properly.

Public Vote - 6

Total Score - 40.5/50

Round 4 Standing - 12

Overall Standing - 8th

The E.L. & Solo Act

(Transistor Rhythm) Paperweight

Brandon - 808 (10)

1/1 - This made me snort merlot and it actually hurt a bit. #WorthIt
6/6 - 808 808 808 808 808 808 808 808 808 808
Most entertaining all around submission this round. Owned it in a fantastically comedic fashion & I love it. A+++. 10/10. IGN recommends.

Desh - 9.75

Jingle - 3/3: HILARIOUS. Great work.
Spot - .75/1: Also hilarious. Love the creativity here, but it’s way too long.
F - 2/2: WHY HAVEN’T YOU BROUGHT THIS LEVEL OF DELIVERY EVERY ROUND?!?!?! You went hard AF making fun of radio hits. I definitely appreciate you perfectly executing those different cadences. Great job.
L - 2/2: Best troll job this competition, because YOU TROLLED THE INDUSTRY. THIS HOOK!!!!!!
O - 2/2: Dope. Just dope. Hilarious. Dope. Went super hard.

Richie - 9

Radio Spot 1/1 - hilarious AF!
jingle 3/3 - this jingle was great in that it's pretty much how 99% of radio ads sound these days, lol.
Song 5/6 - Hahah, this song is dope! Nice use of the Desiigner adlib throughout, lol. Given the bassy nature of the beat, I'd reduce some of the length and low-end from the reverb used on the vocals, particularly during the hook.

Thomas - 8.5

1 / 1 RADIO SPOT CHALLENGE: Brilliant! (but maybe a bit long?)
1 / 1 JINGLE CHALLENGE: Completed.
2 / 2 JINGLE QUALITY: Ha! Ha! Someone is angry at the 808
2 / 2 SELL OUT CHALLENGE: It's got lots of 808s so I guess it's a radio jam.
1 / 2 SONG QUALITY VOCALIST: Some awkward points of delivery but also a lot more that were impressive.
1.5 / 2 SONG QUALITY PRODUCER: So. Much. 808. But that beat is cool.

Public Vote - 8.5

Total Score - 45.75/50

Round 4 Standing - 6th

Overall Standing - 12th


Total Party Kill

Brandon - 10

1/1 - radio spot = (^-^)b
3/3 - Hilarious jingle, & hey, if you ever decide to go into the energy drink market you've got a killer product name! hahaha
6/6 - More delightfully clever songwriting + top notch music production from Disstopia. Damn you guys for real! haha

Desh - 9.75

Jingle - 3/3 Spot - 1/1 F - 1.75/2: Almost perfect. First 2 bars on the rap verse sound uncomfortable, like you’re stumbling into it. Not delivered confidently and just slightly off.
L - 2/2: Catchy. Relatable.
O - 2/2: YOOOOOOOOOO. This track was amazing. Seriously.

Richie - 10

radio spot 1/1 good...good!
jingle 3/3 WHERE CAN I BUY THIS?!!!!
song 6/6 Wasn't your last song a 60's folk song? this team might be the most versatile in the contest. Wow.

Thomas - 9

1 / 1 RADIO SPOT CHALLENGE: Nice one, and I chuckled at the mix of musical genres.
1 / 1 JINGLE CHALLENGE: Completed.
1.5 / 2 JINGLE QUALITY: "Do not drink if you are over 40 or plan to become over 40." Jokes! But I had to deduct a point because the order just doesn't sound right, mostly the radio spot. Usually the artist would appear to introduce themselves prior to their song...
2 / 2 SELL OUT CHALLENGE: Could be a radio track, especially if it were still the 80s. But definitely a dance floor scorcher.
1.5 / 2 SONG QUALITY VOCALIST: Just a few spots sound flat or off-key, but otherwise spot on. And I love the dichotomy of song and lyrics.
2 / 2 SONG QUALITY PRODUCER: Flawless execution.

Public Vote - 8.25

Total Score - 47/50

Round 4 Standing - 2nd

Overall Standing - 2nd


Calamitous (Last Second Mix)

Brandon - 5.5

1/1 - radio spot = (^-^)b
1/3 - I have no idea whatsoever what the jingle was trying to sell me. That's, uh... bad advertising.
3.5/6 - Not a bad jam to finish up last minute to get in (I dig the verses in particular), but overall can tell it was rushed. While the verses are enjoyable, the chorus is kinda off-putting, the mix is a little muddy, and the song feels a bit repetitive overall. Sudden ending isn't my fav either.

Desh - 7.5

Jingle - 3/3
Spot - 1/1
F - .5/2: Cadence is all over the place. I know how you typically approach rhythm, but this is also a radio-single challenge, so from a digestibility standpoint, this should have been much tighter. Energy is all there. Cadence isn’t.
L - 2/2: Bars and scene-building are there and strong as always
O - 1/2: This was fun, but it just could have been way better. More sound rhythmically, stronger as a catchy single, etc.

Richie - 8

radio spot 1/1 boom!
jingle 3/3 this sounds wonderfully retro. I dig it!
song 4/6 an hobbe's flow is always a delight. This beat is cool too. Vocal mix needs some work, but I like the direction where this is headed.

Thomas - 5.5

1 / 1 RADIO SPOT CHALLENGE: Completed. And a neat little crossover with the song lyrics.
1 / 1 JINGLE CHALLENGE: Completed.
1 / 2 JINGLE QUALITY: The jingle was catchy, but it really could have imparted a bit more info. I don't really know anything about the product.
0 / 2 SELL OUT CHALLENGE: Doesn't really seem like a radio jam, either lyrical or musically.
0.5 / 2 SONG QUALITY VOCALIST: Again, not really radio-friendly lyrics, and the delivery seemed rushed at times. I got a bit of a Kool Keith vibe here.
2 / 2 SONG QUALITY PRODUCER: The beat is dope even if it isn't the usual radio fare.
BONUS: Just glad you guys were able to get your shit together for a submission this round.

Public Vote - 7.25

Total Score - 33.75/50

Round 4 Standing - 16th

Overall Standing - 14th


Shawty Bad (Mixed)

Brandon - 10

1/1 - radio spot = (^-^)b
3/3 - HAHHAHHAHHHAHHAHHA I'd like to order an entire fucking truckload of Whine-r-all, please. I know many people in & around our music scenes that I need to send a care package of it to. 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜
6/6 - My only comment about this song is when *is* this going on the radio? Great job all around!

Desh - 9.25

Jingle - 3/3: LOL
Spot - 1/1: Nice
F - 1.75/2: Slight knock due to the autotune being a little sloppy in certain spots in the verses.
L - 1.75 /2: Bars. You could have done more here. Totally understand that this is a radio single “sell-out” song, but you could still bring a bit more substance to, say, the bridge, for example.
O - 1.75/2: Perfect example of a well done radio cut. Not a great song, but fun, catchy, and pretty well executed.

Richie - 10

radio spot 1/1 nice!
jingle 3/3 that singing part during the last part is incredible, LMAO.
song 6/6 100% radio ready. shawty is a 10.

Thomas - 7.5

0.5 / 1 RADIO SPOT CHALLENGE: Not a radio spot, but I had to give a half point for the creativity of the show concept.
1 / 1 JINGLE CHALLENGE: Completed.
1 / 2 JINGLE QUALITY: The singing on the jingle was a problem, and the concept probably could have been presented in a deeper way.
1 / 2 SELL OUT CHALLENGE: A good attempt to create a radio jam.
2 / 2 SONG QUALITY VOCALIST: I like the delivery, both rapping and singing. The lyrics are simple, but that can often be best for radio.
2 / 2 SONG QUALITY PRODUCER: I like the beat. Works great for Osiris Green, and also makes for a catchy song. Has a hardcore g-funk feel.

Public Vote - 7.25

Total Score - 44/50

Round 4 Standing - 8th

Overall Standing - 6th

Beat Tape Bandits

Through the Mud (full version)

Brandon - 8

.5/1 - Fun pitch, but docking points to both the radio spot & jingle, as promoting a tv pilot isn't really the same as hawking a product, which *is* what the challenge asked for.
2/3 - see above^
5.5/6 - Damn solid, groovy tune. Really enjoyed it.
It's altogether a good effort, but taking some risks with the challenges hurt a bit here.

Desh - 8.25

Jingle - 2 /3: Nice. Didn’t notice any chiptune/game elements in here though.
Spot - .75/1: Didn’t do the full “I’m ___ and” spot format.
F - 1.75/2: Man. Pitch correction. So close to being super amazing. But pitch correction, barely. Most of this is on point. The falsetto spots got me a little bit though.
L - 2/2: Beautiful
O - 1.75/2: Great.Just pitch in spots, especially in the falsetto.

Richie - 9.75

radio spot - 0.75/1 I really hate that I have to dock SOMETHING for this, so I'm going to willfully assume that ABS could be interpreted as a radio station, so I'm docking for the DJ not saying his name.
jingle 3/3 - VERY creative.
song 6/6 - FIRE FIRE OMFG FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!!!! This would SLAY on the radio, christ.

Thomas - 8.5

0 / 1 RADIO SPOT CHALLENGE: I couldn't identify one.
1 / 1 JINGLE CHALLENGE: Completed.
2 / 2 JINGLE QUALITY: What a ridiculous show concept, but Beat Tape Bandits have nailed the tv promo.
2 / 2 SELL OUT CHALLENGE: Yeah, this one's for the radio.
1.5 / 2 SONG QUALITY VOCALIST: I was worried that, much like the covers round, a lot of vocalists would unwisely opt to sing in order to create a radio song. Luckily very few did. I wanted more rap from Lex Lingo, but I'm glad he chose to defy my hopes and dreams in both regards with this song. He really delivered although he could have used a bit more range in a few spots.
2 / 2 SONG QUALITY PRODUCER: A great beat for what Lex needs to do. I think the autotune parts are unnecessary, but not enough of a problem to deduct any points.

Public Vote - 7.5

Total Score - 42/50

Round 4 Standing - 10th

Overall Standing - 5th

Aural Sex

Goshdarn Motherloving Awesome (Radio Edit)

Brandon - 9.5

1/1 - radio spot = (^-^)b
3/3 - Sonofabitch... Hahahahaha
5.5/6 - Can't deny it, this song is indeed so gosh darn motherlovin' awesome.

Desh - 9.25

Jingle - 3/3: Nice
Spot - 1/1: Nice
F - 1.5/2: Owned. Pitchy in spots. You. Can. Use. Pitch. Correction. It’s okay. I don’t mean all out auto-tune. Just a little pitch correction. Otherwise, slaughtered. This actually went pretty hard. I love the octave vox layers in the hook as well. Super catchy delivery.
L - 2 /2: Clever. Strong. Catchy. Great job.
O - 1.75/2: Strong, strong, strong showing. Pitch in spots distracted me some

Richie - 10

Aural Sex 10 radio spot 1/1 it's there.
jingle 3/3 "It's No Game Over Play All Night", VERY clever, lol.
song 6/6 that hook is perfect.

Thomas - 10

1 / 1 RADIO SPOT CHALLENGE: Completed. (Aside: How often do you have to explain the proper meaning of Aural/Oral in your name?)
1 / 1 JINGLE CHALLENGE: Completed.
2 / 2 JINGLE QUALITY: Well done. A few good jokes and a nerd angle. Nice disclaimer. However, it's still something I mostly want to skip to get to the song.
2 / 2 SELL OUT CHALLENGE: I'm not completely sure if this would actually fall into the category of a radio song, but it's definitely a motherloving awesome parody of a pop song. The clean edits are hilarious, and the lyrical breakdown of the bridge near the ends was the cherry on top.
2 / 2 SONG QUALITY VOCALIST: Hacknslash killed this track. He's completely in the pocket. The vocal tricks (like the three repetitions of "Hacknslash" early in the song) are a great addition of style. And the singing really sells the song. The fact that the lyrics are "straight up nerdcore" is great. And his end of verse wordplay around the use of the word "bridge" is smart, especially when he gets to the broken bridge part.
2 / 2 SONG QUALITY PRODUCER: Epic beat. And I'm sure it was a lot of work to mix.
BONUS: A definite hit! My favourite track of the round.

Public Vote - 8

Total Score - 46.75/50

Round 4 Standing - 3rd

Overall Standing - 7th


The Shplow [premiere On WSYS Sponsored By Latka Vodka]

Brandon - 9.5

1/1 - radio spot = (^-^)b
3/3 - I'll take a bottle of lodka vodka provided it's cheap. (⌐■_■)b
5.5/6 - Fun "teach a stupid dance" single. I dig the tongue-in-cheek handling of the sellout tune concept. Good job!

Desh - 8.5

Jingle - 3/3: Nice
Spot - 1/1: Nice
F - 1 /2: Overall, this feels pretty good. You space things out cadence wise at times, and it works in some cases. Other times it just sounds like you're off beat. You could have tightened things up a bit and your delivery would have been flawless.
L - 2/2: "Always running man, you just chicken walk". Bahaha. Dope. Really, you brought it lyrically this round. Great work.
O - 1.5 /2: I really enjoyed this song. The instrumental is pretty lush and quite danceable. Song structure is strong. Just could have been a bit tighter, especially given that this is supposed to be a radio hit.

Richie - 10

radio spot 1/1 good, good!
jingle 3/3 I could use some Latka Vodka
song 6/6 the production values on this song are excellent! Gotta give this team its due this round. Well done!

Thomas - 8

0.5 / 1 RADIO SPOT CHALLENGE: Amazingly well done, but not actually a radio spot.
1 / 1 JINGLE CHALLENGE: Completed.
1 / 2 JINGLE QUALITY: Fairly repetitive, but I liked the sickness disclaimer at the end.
2 / 2 SELL OUT CHALLENGE: Maybe more likely to be heard on the dance floor, but it could probably also get some airplay, especially on dance radio shows. Very disco.
1.5 / 2 SONG QUALITY VOCALIST: The delivery is good but it's a little unusual for easy radio acceptance. I like the concept of a dance song about a dance. Always a solid classic option.
2 / 2 SONG QUALITY PRODUCER: I'm not a big fan of the sample vocals on the hook, but that's a personal hang-up, and it's an element that adds to the radio-ness of it.

Public Vote - 8.25

Total Score - 44.25/50

Round 4 Standing - 7th

Overall Standing - 11th